Client Experience Manager

Wendy Gibbs

You never know when you’re going to be there.

Wendy is referring to life circumstances. You never know when you’ll be the beneficiary of an insurance policy or filing a death claim for a loved one, for example. Or, in contrast, when you’ll be requesting coverage for a new child or grandchild, or adding them as a beneficiary.

Every week, Wendy receives these diametrically opposed kinds of calls. So she treats every file like the only one she is working on, even though they require completely different gears – which she is able to switch very easily.

“What people are going through on a given day is important to them, and it is important to me. I don’t even need to try to switch gears. It just happens.”

This level of empathy is something that’s been with Wendy since a very young age. She did not come from a privileged background. “I remember how excited I was to get a skipping rope from a neighbour,” she says. “I find it easy to put myself in other people’s shoes because I know that one day, I might be going through the very same thing as them.”

Wendy’s upbringing also instilled in her a taste for hard work – which is why she identifies so strongly with this element of the Brian Laundry ManifestoThere is absolutely no substitute for effort. As a personal support worker in a nursing home before her financial services career, Wendy questioned how much difference she was making to residents’ lives. So she took her dog through a pet therapy course – and it was the dog that really connected with the elderly. “Suddenly I was able to sit with these people and know, in my heart, that I was doing good.”

As Client Experience Manager on Brian’s team, Wendy supports advisors (“I make their lives easier”) and manages client inquires on all in-force policies. She is obviously a natural for many reasons, including her commitment for maintaining long-term relationships (“I don’t burn bridges”) and her infectious smile. 

Born in Hamilton, Wendy is a mother and grandmother. She enjoys photography, has volunteered at a donkey sanctuary, and makes her own soap. Beer soap is really hot right now.

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