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Experience wins

Brian Laundry is revolutionizing the insurance industry. I’ve been doing this since 1983 and things aren’t done much differently.

Richard Burjoski, CIP

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The person

Brian Laundry is sought out by Canada’s most prominent advisors.

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About Brian

Brian develops insurance strategies for our country’s most affluent individuals and corporations – through a unique combination of knowledge and highly refined process that makes advisors’ lives easier and makes the client’s decision to employ insurance an easy one.

In addition, he fundamentally transforms advisors’ businesses through a unique combination of process and systems.

The Brand

Highly knowledgeable, totally enthusiastic, extremely thorough, always reliable and not going anywhere. And that’s just for starters.


We are not here to change advisors’ attitudes. They either want this or they don’t. We are here to change clients’ attitudes.

Financed Insurance

Our mission is to give you a quantum leap forward in your business.

Financed Insurance

Succession Planning

Thinking of selling your book? We have solved your burdens.

Financed Insurance

The Experience

“Brian is better at process than anyone else I’ve worked with in my 37 years in the industry. And by that, I mean he delivers a remarkable experience to everyone he works with.”

Testimonial video for Brian Laundry by Richard Burjoski
Testimonial video for Brian Laundry by Matthew Stevenson

Trusted Peers

We trust that the people we work with are people you should want to know.

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Our job is to coach you – the advisor and the client – and not let you make a mistake.