Insurance is exciting because no one thinks it is. Well, almost no one.

Financed Insurance

My mission is to give you a quantum leap forward in your business.

I do it by bringing to bear the unique combination of highly efficient process and systems I have developed. So if you’re an advisor or allied professional – an accountant or lawyer, for example – you’ll be excited too. I work with the people in my network at three levels of engagement: collaboration, mentorship and succession.


We work together on insurance strategies for Canada’s most affluent individuals and corporations.


My vision is to revolutionize this profession by mentoring a new generation of advisors. You’re an advisor. How can I help you?

Succession Planning

You’re a seasoned insurance advisor. You love what you do, and never want to stop doing it.

But you are burdened by servicing and outdated technology. I have solved those burdens and know better than anyone how to generate revenue for us on a collaborative basis.

Want to learn more?

I do all of the above in the pursuit of greatness for my professional network, their clients and myself.

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My job is to coach you – the advisor and the client – and not let you make a mistake.