Insurance Consultant

Shannon Hallett

I LOVE insurance.

What? That’s right. Shannon loves insurance. Which makes her a perfect fit with Brian, considering the following statement is part of his Manifesto: Insurance is exciting because no one thinks it is.

“I love telling people about insurance. I genuinely want to help people have a well-rounded financial plan, and insurance is usually the part that’s forgotten. I have seen the bad things that happen when people aren’t covered – and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.”

If you happen to have an image in your head of the stereotypical insurance agent, ignore it. Shannon describes herself as a “gentle soul,” something clients and colleagues quickly realize when working with her.

Not to say she isn’t determined or committed. Insurance has in fact been a part of every job she’s had for more than 15 years. First at Equitable Life, then at Scotiabank, then with independent advisors and finally with Brian. She knows the business from the ground up, having worked in administrative, customer service, underwriting and sales roles.

A resident of Kitchener-Waterloo, Shannon is spoiled. By her husband, a trained chef. But because she is a foodie, she still likes to cook. Along with playing her guitar, listening to audio books, and envisioning her climb to the very top of the Canadian insurance industry.

“I want to be amazing,” she says. 

Shannon, we think you’re already there.

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