Insurance Consultant

Matthew Stevenson

What Brian says is spot on: There is always someone better than you. Rather than be jealous of them, why not align yourself with them and osmotically elevate your own game?

That’s Matt’s plan in working with Brian, born out of a trademark humility, but also a hard-wired confidence and drive to succeed that he attributes to his father.

“‘Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.’ That’s from a Calvin Coolidge quote my father had framed in his office. He worked as a lawyer for nearly 50 years, in one specialty. He was absolutely unrelenting in focus and effort.”

Matt’s career path began at Merrill Lynch Canada, climbing to investment associate before recognizing that a particular financial planning tool was dramatically underused: permanent life insurance for business owners. So he moved to RBC Insurance (soon thereafter he was the first person in the history of the company to qualify for their platinum level sales program, Quick Start), and then to work with Brian Laundry and team.

While Matt regards focus and effort as critical to professional success, he is adamant about maintaining balance. “I want my life the way I want it,” he says, insisting on pursuing hobbies without being paralyzed by work, “As so many people seem to be. It’s been that way since email came home. I see it everywhere. But I’ve achieved a balance in which everybody wins.”

Here are some of the ways Matt stays busy outside of work: as a proud father to teenagers Nikki and Chris, as a singer and guitar player (both acoustic and electric) in a rock band, as a softball player, as a driver of convertibles, and as a Reiki master.

“I have a zest for life. I will definitely tell you that.”

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