Insurance Consultant Mentee and Marketing Coordinator

Faith Dube

If you had told me five years ago that I was going to work in the insurance business, I would’ve called you crazy.


“No one really likes insurance. That’s because they don’t understand it, just like I didn’t. Now, with Brian’s help, I understand there’s a lot more than just paying a premium and your beneficiaries when you die. I understand the possibilities and the number of people who can be helped right now, while they’re alive.”

Faith’s passion aligns well with Brian’s core belief, expressed in his manifesto, that if what you’re doing doesn’t set you on fire, you shouldn’t be doing it. She also believes deeply in his blunt advice (which he himself observes): Listen to and learn from people smarter than you. That’s why Faith describes herself as “enthusiastically learning” – as an Insurance Consultant Mentee to Brian, and in the role of Marketing Coordinator. It is in this latter role that she optimizes the client experience by leveraging the latest technology – in support of Brian’s vision of revolutionizing the insurance industry and delivering on the brand promise of Experience wins™.

Born, raised and residing in the small town of Wilmot, Ontario, Faith grew up riding horses and hopes to one day live on a farm – but a taste for quiet living shouldn’t suggest a reluctance to push her limits. Far from it. As she puts it, “Personal growth and development require intentional actions and a willingness to step outside our comfort zones. Growth and success don’t come from waiting for something to happen.”

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