Certified Financial Planner® & Insurance Consultant

Dan Burjoski, CLU, CFP®

Let Dan die happy.

Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in the history of baseball – the pitcher brought in to win the game.  He won almost 1,000 of them over the course of 19 seasons with the New York Yankees.  Among his many accolades, he is the only player ever to be voted unanimously into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Dan aspires to be seen as the Mariano Rivera of the insurance industry.  But instead of retiring like Mariano, Dan, at age 59, has moved on to a new phase of his career.  He has transitioned to being one of the industry’s all-time greatest setup men for Brian – creating the opportunity for the two men to win multiple championships, if you will, into the future.

Complex cases closed

Trusted by investment advisors, accountants and lawyers across Canada, Dan has the deepest understanding of the math, and complete mastery of The Five Tools* that place business with maximum success:

  • The product
  • The process
  • The presentation
  • The technical skills
  • The close

Experience wins™, and Dan is stacked with it.

His father started as an insurance advisor in 1954, and when Dan was 11 years old, took him on his first client visit – to deliver a cheque to a new widow.  A lifelong affinity for insurance and an almost 40-year career of his own in the business has given Dan an encyclopedic knowledge, unmatched in Canada, of insurance products that he explains the benefits of, but never sells.  His personal mission, quite simply, is to be the consummate solution for advisors’ most complicated insurance cases.

One can understand why Dan identifies so strongly with Brian Laundry’s core purpose: The pursuit of greatness for our professional network, their clients and ourselves.  And yet, despite all of the foregoing, Dan is not even remotely as insufferable as you might expect.  Instead, he is lighthearted, self-deprecating and funny.

Given that Dan believes in, and acts in accordance with, the highest ethical standards, here are some other elements of the Brian Laundry brand that especially resonate with him:

  • Do the right thing.
  • Don’t be greedy.
  • Never oversell.

Dan’s vision is to die a happy man by knowing every citizen is paying the least amount of tax they possibly can.

Or as he puts it: “Let Dan die happy.”

* The Five Tools in baseball:  Running, fielding, throwing, hitting and hitting with power.

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