About brian laundry

Driven to educate, inspire – and achieve the best results every time

It’s not awards that drive Brian Laundry, though having been recognized as a Manulife Elite Advisor, BMO Presitge advisor as well as a Hollis Insurance/PPI Top Advisor for eight consecutive years, his record speaks for itself. What drives Brian is a quest to be the best in the planning business – offering advisors and clients alike the best possible advice for achieving financial objectives.

Brian has developed a strategic network of professionals, including financial advisors, investment advisors and accountants, in order to deliver a multifaceted approach to tax and insurance consulting. As part of his process he works tirelessly to glean a complete understanding of the needs, objectives and financial obligations at play, and then applies his expertise to recommend an optimal and nuanced course of action. In particular, Brian brings deep expertise surrounding the biggest threat to Canadians’ finances – taxes.

But while Brian knows that the results count – and in this industry, they count a lot – he thrives on delivering the best end-to-end experience. “I get a real charge out of helping people,” he says. “I get even more of a charge when people tell me how great the experience has been. Aside from spending time with my family, nothing is more exciting, energizing and fulfilling than building my business. I love my industry.”


Core Purpose - Why we exist

I am driven, every single moment of the day, to be the best in the business.

Vision - where we are going, and how we'll know we're there

To be regarded by advisors, professionals and clients as the best planning and insurance firms in Canada, synonymous with the highest levels of quality, respect and influence.

Position - How are we different

Limitless Energy

Advisor Endorsement - David Lyon (iA Securities)

David Lyon is a Financial Advisor located in Toronto.  He manages more than $100M in assets and have been a huge advocate for working with Brian Laundry

Advisor Endorsement - Raymond Choo (iA Securities)

Raymond Choo is an Investment Advisor with HollisWealth. He has been working in the financial services industry since 1994 and has attained his CFP®, FMA and FCSI designations.

Raymond has worked with Brian for over 6 years, introducing Brian as a valuable member of his planning firm.


Bryan Muir Certified Financial Planner® Investment advisor, HollisWealth

“I would highly recommend Brian's services to people who are looking for in depth advice and consultation regarding their financial and insurance planning. As a fellow planner, I take great interest in the work done by colleagues, and Brian is very adept at seizing complex situations and presenting incredible solutions!”

Vikram Rajagopalan, CFA Regional vice president at Trez Capital

“In my dealings with Brian, I have always been amazed by his constant energy and enthusiasm when it came to providing value for his clients. He combines the expertise that is required in the world of insurance with a down to earth persona that is required to explain it. He is constantly looking at ways to differentiate himself by thinking outside the box. By extension, Brian continues to bring new and innovative ideas to the table for his clients and pushes his service providers to do the same.”

Andrea Thompson, CFP, CLU, CHS, CDFA Senior financial planner, Coleman Wealth at Raymond James Ltd.

“Brian was a very passionate and dedicated colleague with a very strong desire to put what was right for a client ahead of any personal agenda. His focus on holistic planning and tax separates him from your typical advisor. I would recommend Brian to anyone seeking financial planning and/or insurance advice.”

James P. Murphy, B.Comm, MBA, CFP, CIM, FCSI, CIWM Wealth management consultant, BMO Nesbitt Burns

“Brian Laundry is an extremely knowledgeable person who has a deep understanding of client wealth planning needs. Brian has an expert understanding of complex financial solutions for business owners, wealthy professionals and corporate executives, which targets their requirements for reduced tax and protection of their wealth for life. He works with clients and their tax advisors to craft an insurance solution that is simple to understand and elegant in its design.”

Sophie Moryoussef, CEA Insurance specialist, HollisWealth

“Brian is a very focused individual who understands his business owners. He is passionate about his work and is thorough in his investigations. He aligns himself with competent individuals and provides great service to all.”

Stephen Palmer, CCS Investment and insurance advisor, HollisWealth & Benson-Kearley

“Most of us know the pieces, Brian takes those pieces and is able to build an effective and highly usable plan for the client. By properly analysing the client's needs, Brian is able to add significant value to the client offering, and to prove how effectively he is listening. Brian is a true professional, with the skills and ability to care in ways many clients wouldn't even realize they needed. That sets Brian apart and makes all the difference. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who needs a skilled professional. I personally won't hesitate to use him at every opportunity myself.”