About brian laundry

Brian Laundry Insurance Expert

It’s not awards that drive Brian Laundry, though having been recognized as a Manulife Elite Advisor, BMO Presitge advisor as well as a Hollis Insurance/PPI Top Advisor for eight consecutive years, his record speaks for itself. What drives Brian is a quest to be the best in the planning business – offering advisors and clients alike the best possible advice for achieving financial objectives.

Brian has developed a strategic network of professionals, including financial advisors, investment advisors and accountants, in order to deliver a multifaceted approach to tax and insurance consulting. As part of his process he works tirelessly to glean a complete understanding of the needs, objectives and financial obligations at play, and then applies his expertise to recommend an optimal and nuanced course of action.  In particular, Brian brings deep expertise surrounding the biggest threat to Canadians’ finances – taxes.

But while Brian knows that the results count – and in this industry, they count a lot – he thrives on delivering the best end-to-end experience. “I get a real charge out of helping people,” he says. “I get even more of a charge when people tell me how great the experience has been. Aside from spending time with my family, nothing is more exciting, energizing and fulfilling than building my business. I love my industry.”


i'm an advisor, how do i work with brian?

Communication is what Counts

There are many different methods advisors use to work with Brian:

  1. Call  - Have a chat about the situation and discuss next steps
  2. Email  - You can send Brian an email with a summary of the client situation and related materials.  Once received, Brian will provide feedback about the opportunity (via email and/or phone)
  3. Introduce  - Many advisors send an email to the client and to Brian with a virtual introduction.  Brian takes-the-lead and communicates directly with the client (advisor is cc'd)

The most important thing about a collaborative relationship is communication.  The more you speak with Brian, the more you will learn how to collaborate together.  Call Brian if you have a simple question.  Call to chat about client situations.  Call to brainstorm together.  It doesn't matter, just call and chat.  

There is a Process

The flowchart below explains the entire process.  Of course communication is key, but there is a very strong back-office process that is used every-single-time.  Below is the process used when receiving a referral from an advisor.  

Methods of Communication

Every advisor I work with knows that I'm always available.  Days, evenings, weekends...it doesn't matter.  

The best collaborative relationship is relatively informal.  Each of our families will always come first, but you should never hesitate sending a text message/email, or calling at any time to speak about a client or opportunity.


What tools does brian use?

There are literally dozens of other software/applications that are used but not listed


Raymond Choo is an Investment Advisor with HollisWealth. He has been working in the financial services industry since 1994 and has attained his CFP®, FMA and FCSI designations.


David Lyon is an Financial Advisor located in Toronto.  He manages more than $100M in assets and have been a huge advocate for using an Insurance Consultant (ie. me)