What happens if i die without a will in ontario?

'Anderson Solicitors' developed a video that explains - in plain language - what happens if you die without a will.   Many surveys have been completed that have found over 50% of Canadians do NOT have a will.  If you do not have a will (or have been procrastinating) you can get a will and power of attorney completed in 15 minutes by visiting Wilfull

What happens if I die without a Will?

A person who dies without a will is called an intestate, and most people don’t know what happens if you die without one. It’s a common myth that the government can claim your money and assets, but it’s not true. They do have the ability to have a say in how your assets or estate gets divided between family members. Creating a will also means you can control how your assets are distributed to beneficiaries over time, instead of children receiving a lump sum when they turn 18.

Don't I need a lawyer to draft my Will?

A lawyer does not have to create your will. It’s simply a document that outlines your key end-of-life wishes and distribution of assets. The key is that your will has to be signed by you and two competent adult witnesses who are both present at the same time. The original hard copy of that signed document needs to be stored in a safe place where your executor or a family member can access it.

How do Power of Attorney and related documents differ from Last Wills?

Power of Attorney documents govern your personal, medical, legal, and financial life *before* you pass away. In contrast, your Last Will and Testament only takes effect *after* you die. Willful Power of Attorney documents are intended to be used in a personal accident or medical emergency on your behalf. In a legal sense, their powers 'endure' beyond your mental incapacity.

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