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Thinking of selling your book? I have a turnkey solution.

You’re an insurance advisor, probably aged 60+, and you’re thinking about succession. You’ve had a long career in the business, and you have hundreds or thousands of insurance policies out there – but you have not been introduced to a successor that has the staff, processes or technology to ensure that your clients will be well looked-after.

You’re exactly the kind of advisor I’ve been talking to a lot lately.

Every day, for years or decades, the carriers have been sending mail to your clients. Who is answering it? What is being missed? Key contract dates, such as renewal, conversion or expiry dates, for example, which could lead to a client’s monthly payment increasing exponentially, or a loss of coverage, catching them completely unaware?

But: imagine that you didn’t have to worry about that. That you could sell your book to a seasoned advisor with the technology and team in place to easily track and take care of your clients for decades to come. Someone who places extreme importance on delivering an experience to your clients that will have them raving – in a good way. 

And you get to retire almost right away. Or, you get to keep doing what you love – forming relationships with and selling new clients, earning yourself an ongoing revenue stream – while offloading the entire administrative burden. 

Those are the precise two options I am offering advisors looking for someone who will uphold and honour their legacy while giving them an easy exit from their business. I have a turnkey solution for you. It is backed up by Manulife Bank, who provide me with a loan to buy your business – up front – at a mutually-agreed-upon multiple.

Our turnkey solution can also be seen as a playbook. We have the process in place to help you communicate with your clients, to reassure them that your decision is a sound one, and to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. In fact, as part of our Succession Experience, we have a team of branding experts who, via written communication and a beautifully-shot professional video, will tell the story of your long career and ultimate legacy. It will be a true keepsake piece for you to share not just with your clients, but also with your entire family.

Want to have a chat and learn more? Contact Ashley Golem, our Operations Manager, at ashley@brianlaundry.ca.

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