Operations Manager

Ashley Golem, BA

It’s easy to tell people what they want to hear.

But, as Ashley will also tell you, the real value is in actually following through in support of someone. In actually doing something.

That’s why the element of Brian’s Manifesto that most resonates with Ashley is this one, #19: I want someone to feel that someone cared enough to do something, not just say something.

Ashley believes that when you care enough to be a doer, you leave a lasting reputation as someone reliable and capable. Lasting reputations being important in small-town, tightly-knit communities like the one Ashley grew up in and resides in today – and from which she learned the values that shaped her. 

Including in her work, in which she is relied upon by so many people. As Operations Manager, she shows insurance advisors how, by working with Brian, they can build their business so much more effectively. On top of that, she provides support to them, along with Brian, other team members and clients.

“Their needs are vast and different – but the common thread is problem solving and removing their pain points.  Experience wins™, so I get things done on time and properly. I am trusted, and that feels good.”

Ashley holds a Bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of Windsor. She has worked in the insurance industry since 2008, accepting her role with Brian after tenures with other organizations in marketing, business development, operations, and practice management.

In her personal time, Ashley enjoys running, Pilates, yoga, and, living in a beach town, heading to the water. It is all about doing. “I focus on moments of joy – that you might not get, if you don’t take a chance.”

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