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Retirement Planning process and examples

Most retirement planning meetings take between 45-90 minutes.  You should be prepared with personal financial details (ie. investment balances, pension details, etc).

A 'Live" retirement plan is created with your input.  We work together to build different 'what if' scenarios (ie. "what if I sold my home when I retire?").  We will also develop some 'stress tests' to demonstrate what risks could negatively affect the plan.

You should be prepared for an engaging, enjoyable conversation.

When the meeting is complete, you receive a copy of the plan and a detailed summary email (with whatever attachments are appropriate) explaining next-steps.

Below are some examples of post-meeting notes from families just-like-yours.

1. Michael & Kerrie - 31 Year Old Couple with Young Child (pdf)


2. Maureen & Rob - 57 Year Old Couple no Kids (pdf)


3. Zak - Single 26 Year Old (no kids) (pdf)


4. Kathryn - 36 Year Old, First Child On-the-way (pdf)