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Social Media is a very important part of my business.  If you enjoyed my session, please write me a recommendation on LinkedIn.  This 30-second video shows you how.

Taxation of Life Insurance - Capital Dividend Account (CDA)

Corporate life insurance creates significant Capital Dividends (taxed at 0%).  This is a great educational video that explains what CDA is, how it's calculated and how a capital dividend is paid to a surviving spouse/shareholder.

STEP Canada 2019 Budget Webcast : Tax Technical Committee

STEP's aims include raising the public profile of trust and estate work as a profession.  Although a highly technical video, it provides an excellent discussion the Federal government's 2019 Budget.

PPI's Chris Ireland (see 'My Peers') joins as a panelist.

Trevor Parry speaks about estate planning and reducing taxes

Trevor Parry is a long time friend and colleague of Brian Laundry.  Trevor is recognized as one of the top experts pertaining to pensions (RCA's/IPP's) and corporate  insurance strategies.

CTV Life Insurance Broadcast - Professional Response

This CTV report was broadcasted yesterday (January 9, 2019). The media does a great job of allowing the consumer voice their displeasure, but neither the client or reporter  understand exactly what happened.  

Corporate Insured Annuity Example

This is a very quick example of how a family can receive tax-free capital dividends from the corporation (at death)

Manulife One - How does it work?

Discover the money saving power of Manulife One. See how it works

CBC Marketplace - Mortgage Insurance (from banks)

Millions of Canadians have mortgages with big banks.  All big banks offer 'Mortgage Insurance' to eliminate the mortgage at death.

Mortgage Insurance (ie. Creditor Insurance) offered from lenders is the lowest quality (and most expensive) form of life insurance.

If you have mortgage/creditor insurance, replace that plan with a new individually owned plan offered by a Canadian Life Insurance Company.